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A Lucerne Bike Tour Like No Other

One Of The Top Things To Do In Lucerne

Move beyond the ordinary. Experience riding in and out of Lucerne while being guided by a local away from the tourist crowds. See the local spots and unforgettable views of the Alps and Lake Lucerne, while learning about the country on our Swiss Culture E-Bike Tour. You’ll arrive as a foreigner and leave with a Swiss passport!

Or spend your time tasting the culture on our Gourmet E-Bike Tour, where you can meet with roasters, farmers, producers and growers from all around the city. All tours can be run in English, Español, Deutsch, Português or Italiano. These aren’t average tours, so don’t be an average tourist, become a local tourist!

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Your Guide In Lucerne

After just one cargo e-bike tour in Copenhagen, Swiss guide Roberto was convinced that it was the perfect concept to transport to his hometown in Lucerne, Switzerland. As a picturesque medieval town famous for its pristine alpine lake and mountain views, the city wasn’t designed with cycling infrastructure in mind. Yet the success of the tours in Lucerne demonstrates the immense potential of the cargo e-bike experience. Having studied hospitality and worked around the world, Roberto is the perfect host for travelers to his home in Lucerne. Loop Tours goes international!

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Together outside, the best way to make people happy. A great tour today with @janoschnietlispach and @manuelatatjana Including exams about🇨🇭 but someone was cheating 😵😵😵 who was it?😉 How much do you know about Switzerland, would you pass the test?
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Rolls Royce oder Bentley das kennt jeder,

aber es geht auch ohne Schickie Micky mit Leder,

Loop Tours ist der neue Hochzeits Feger 😉🎉💓

❤️Alles Gute für die Zukunft ❤️

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Express Wein Lieferung / Citytour vom @weinbutler quer durch die Stadt Luzern. 🍷 🚲💯😉

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