Loop Arrives in Lucerne

Loop Tours began in Copenhagen in 2014 from a culmination of experiences lived and learned by the founder Andreas. After returning from a not-so-short ride along the Silk Road from Istanbul to China, Andreas began designing his own tour combining classic Danish-designed cargo bikes with an exploration of Danish culture. Andreas and Roberto have been friends since 2011, having met while attempting to travel from Panama to Colombia through the non-government zone of El Darién. After several days of buses, leaky log boats, hitchhiking and military obstacles, they made it to Colombia with a newfound friendship.

After visiting Andreas in Copenhagen in the autumn of 2018 and trying the tour for himself, Roberto was convinced to take the unique experience to his hometown in Lucerne, Switzerland. While Lucerne is famous for its pristine alpine lake and magnificent mountain views, its idyllic medieval town wasn’t created with electric cargo bikes in mind. Yet the success of the tour in Lucerne has proven that the tour can work in cities all over Europe. Taking the cycling culture beyond the traditional cycling strongholds like Denmark and the Netherlands.

Cargo bikes are fun and exciting to ride, allowing anyone to experience them. The superbly-designed bikes invite people with walking difficulties, small children, or even pets to come along while allowing the cyclist and their passengers to cover large areas with ease. Loop guests experience much more of a city, and its social and cultural dynamics, because people can talk while cruising around the unique Lucerne sites. On top of that, it’s easy (thanks to electric-assist), safe and a very comfortable mode of transport. With all of these benefits over walking, bus and segway tours, it is only a matter of time before travelers are experiencing every destination from cargo bikes.

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Meet Your Guide: Roberto

Lucerne founder, Roberto, is 49% Swiss, 49% Italian and 2% nomad. After studying hospitality, Roberto lived in Colombia, Australia, and Mexico before returning to Switzerland to manage a Spanish tapas restaurant and wine bar, as well as a cocktail bar and nightclub. Other than his obvious love for travel, Roberto is passionate about sports, having trained as a kickboxer for ten years and completing his first Ironman in 2018. Loop Tours allows Roberto to combine his passion for sharing his own culture with visitors while being able to be outside enjoying the remarkable Swiss landscape and clean air.

Come and meet him for yourself on our famous cargo e-bike tours!

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