For clarity let’s start with a few definitions:

1.1.      “Us” / “We” / “Our” refers to Loop Tours ApS / Loop Tours GmbH.

1.2.      “Cargo Bikes” or “Christiania Bikes / Trio Bikes” refers to the bikes you are given by us at the beginning of the activity.

1.3       “Guide” refers to employees of Loop Tours who deliver any of the Tours or activities offered by Loop Tours

1.5.      “You” / “Your” refers to the person making a booking for a Tour and activity, any person signing these terms and conditions from Loop Tours.

1.6.      “Participant” refers to every person who participates in a Tour / activity offered by Loop Tours.

1.7.      “Pilot” or “Driver” is the participant maneuvring the cargo bike.

1.8       “Passenger(s)” are the participants sitting in the box / bench of the cargo bike.


2.1.      When you make a booking for with Us, You must read, understand and agree to all of the terms and conditions in this document.

2.2.      If You are booking on behalf of others, You are responsible for ensuring that they agree to all of the terms and conditions in this document.

2.3.      If a Participant does not agree to these terms and conditions, their booking will be terminated as per the standard Termination/Cancellation Policy.


3.1.      Tour bookings are made for a specific date and time. It is Your responsibility to arrive on time on the correct date. We appreciate if you arrive 5 minutes before scheduled tour start, or earlier if you need to collect extra gear such as helmets.

3.2.      All tours begin with a training session. We want to be sure that all participants feel comfortable on the cargo bikes and we therefore expect that everyone who will be biking in traffic, is training to bike under our guidance.

3.3.      If you arrive late you risk missing your training and you also risk missing the whole tour. Please communicate late arrival as early as possible. Unfortunately we cannot guarantee waiting for late participants and may depart already. In such situations, the tour fee will not be refunded to the late arriving participants.

3.4.      We offer our Cargo Bike Tours in almost all kinds of weather; however, We reserve the right to cancel a booking if We consider the weather conditions adverse enough to affect the safety of Our Participants. As a guidance such adverse conditions are present if there is rain forecasted of more than 2mm through the duration of the tour, or if windforce 9 and above are expected. If in any doubt, contact Us between 2 and 48 hours before the scheduled departure for our assessment. Please also see Cancellation Policy.

3.5.      The duration and distance quoted for any of our tours is approximate and may vary depending on group size, ability and pace.

3.6.      We reserve the right to amend these terms and conditions from time to time.


Loop Tours is welcoming a diverse guest base from all walks of life.

However, due to the limitations of the cargo bikes, we need to you to contact us if any of the participants in your group collide with one of the below paragraphs:

4.1.      To drive an electric cargo bike as a pilot (driver), one has to have reached the age of 15.

4.2.      To be able to reach the pedals, drivers should reach a height of a minimum of 155cm.

4.3.      Participants can choose to bring a helmet. Loop Tours may offer helmets at an additional charge upon request.

4.4.      Helmets for kids are provided upon request.

4.6.      Passengers weighing over 100kg should inform us, as we have limited bikes with such a capacity.

4.7.      Participants must not be under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

4.8.      Pilots should be aware that racing a cargo bikes comes at the risk of accident. Speeds above 20km/h cannot be considered safe and a speed of 16km/h is considered a speed limit during our tours.

4.9.      Please inform us of any impairments that make it difficult for you to navigate a cargo bike..

4.10     Be aware that liability for the drivers and passengers safety and health lies with the driver. Loop Tours does not take any responsibility for damages caused to you, participants or participants’ belonging caused by the driver of a cargo bike.


Inappropriate behaviour will result in the offending Participant’s Loop Tours being terminated, as per the standard Termination/Cancellation Policy:

5.1.      In particular, we don’t accept language that is offensive to minorities of any kind or a particular gender.

5.2.      All participants shall respect traffic rules, such as red lights. There is no need to rush in order to stick together with the group as your guide will always be waiting for all participants after an intersection.

5.3       It is considered good manners to stick to the right of bike lanes, so that other cyclists can pass on the left.

5.4       In case of a collision with another cyclist on the bike lane, it is considered good manners to assume that you as the driver have been part of the problem and to kindly apologize to the other cyclist and to offer your assistance if any appears to be needed.


Loop Tours offers a globally unique experience and many participants mention in reviews that the tour with us was their highlight of the trip and we know that you are looking forward to participate in our cargo bike experience. However sometimes unforeseen events get in the way and so with this in mind we try to operate a simple and fair cancellation policy.

Should you need to rebook or cancel a confirmed tour booking the following policy applies.

6.1.      Any requests for rebooking and cancellations to your booking must be made in writing via email to Loop Tours to the corresponding city (i.e. lucerne@loop-tours.com or interlaken@loop-tours.com) When you receive an acknowledgement from us should you deem the rebooking or cancellation to be made (usually within 24hours).

6.2.      If You cancel your booking more than 24 hours prior to your allotted time you have the option to reschedule your tour to a new date or request a full refund of the total amount paid.

6.3.      If you cancel your booking less than 24 hours before the tour no option for rescheduling or refund will be available.

6.4.      In the case of a no show no option for rescheduling or refund will be available.

6.5.      Reducing booking size without the above notice – You will be liable for the full payment of original booking.

6.6.      Should We need to cancel due to poor weather or other unforeseen circumstances we will refund the full cost of the tour you had booked with us. Please note that we will refund the tour cost only and that we will not accept responsibility for any travel arrangements or costs that may be incurred on your part.

6.7.      Unless otherwise agreed upon in writing(chat/email), we reserve the right to prohibit any Participant, prior to commencement, during training or during operation, from participating or continuing to participate in any of our Tours, if they fail to meet the General Terms, Participant Requirements or do not maintain Acceptable Behaviour, as specified in these terms and conditions. In such cases, a Participant’s Tour will be terminated and no refunds or alternative dates will be offered.

6.9.      Following training, if a Participant cannot control a cargo bike to the standard required by their Instructor, they will be unable to participate further. Any bookings made directly through Loop Tours and not through an intermediary platform will be refunded upon request.


7.1.      Just as if you were riding a bike or going for a walk there is a risk of injury when using a Cargo Bike. We have brought thousands of people safe through our destinations on cargo bikes and we know exactly what training in the beginning has to include in order to minimize risk of accident. However, we cannot fully eliminate the risk involved in using a cargo bike, therefore, You acknowledge that Our cargo bike Tours are undertaken at Your own risk.

7.2.      You agree that We are not responsible for any personal injury, death, loss or damage which may occur.

7.3.      If You cause any damage, loss, injury or death, as a result of inappropriate actions or willful neglect, which has not resulted directly from Our negligence, You accept liability for these actions and agree to be held accountable for them.


9.1.    Refunds are permissible as per these terms and conditions.

9.2.    Refunds will be made by the original payment method where possible.

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