We offer fun corporate and team building days out for businesses and organisations that are keen to address work-life balance and build team morale. Cycling is an inherently social activity and can provide a brilliant platform for a team to get to know each other better while getting healthy and having fun. Furthermore, we can provide everything including bike hire, transport and lunch. Not only that, we can also arrange uplift so you can get the most out of your time by shuttling to the top of the hill after each run. Accommodation and full weekend packages are also available. Get out of the office and enjoy breathtaking scenery and landscapes while you ride through local villages within the swiss alps. Much more than a corporate event…

Why Choose Loop Tours?

Cycling has all the ingredients to provide you with the perfect social group activity. Plus, we take it to the next level with our cargo e-bikes, fostering a unique camaraderie among participants. Anyone can take part in a corporate cycling adventure whilst at the same time it promotes:

Healthy Living
We're passionate about healthy living, and our corporate team building adventures are designed to inspire your staff and clients to embrace an active lifestyle. Cycling isn't just about physical exercise; it's about releasing those feel-good endorphins that uplift spirits and energize the mind. Join us as we encourage everyone to dust off their bikes and hit the road, fostering a culture of well-being and teamwork within your team.

Cycling is the epitome of teamwork, and there's no better way to strengthen bonds than on our tours. With the scenic backdrop of Switzerland's hidden gems, your team will unite in a relaxed and friendly environment, enhancing collaboration and camaraderie along the way.

For most people who book our rides, the routes take them somewhere they’ve never been before. Many people are overwhelmed with the scenery and views they experience, located within the Swiss Alps. Let Loop Tours take you on an adventure into the hidden gems of Switzerland on a bike.


You’ll collaborate with our team to craft the perfect experience for your team activity. So whether you have a 2-hour window or a full day to spend with us, your e-bike tour will be tailored to your needs and optimized for the best possible experience. Let us start planning a great outing for your team today!


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