How The World’s First Electric Cargo Bike Tour Started

The Copenhagen Loop Tours began from a culmination of experiences lived and learned by the founder Andreas. After returning from a not-so-short ride along the Silk Road from Istanbul to China, Andreas began designing his own tour combining classic Danish-designed cargo bikes with an exploration of the science of happiness. The tour gradually became a success and several journalists wanted to cover this unconventional experience. By the end of the summer, it became clear that the concept of an urban cargo e-bike experience was the missing piece in the European travel puzzle.

Cargo bikes are fun and exciting to ride, allowing anyone to experience them. The wonderfully designed bikes invite people with walking difficulties, small children, or even pets to come along while allowing the cyclist and their passengers to cover large areas with ease. Loop guests experience much more of a city and its social and cultural dynamics because people can talk while cruising around the unique Copenhagen sites. On top of that, it’s easy (thanks to electric-assist), safe and guests can enjoy an authentic Danish mode of transport. With all of these benefits over walking, bus and segway tours, it is only a matter of time before travelers are experiencing every destination via cargo bikes.

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Meet The Founder: Andreas

After having lived in Switzerland, Colombia, Russia, and France, Andreas moved to Copenhagen in 2014 to explore the secret to happiness in Scandinavia. While reading through all the insightful research on happiness he could find, he decided he wanted to share his new insights with travelers visiting Copenhagen and combine them with his other passion, cargo bikes. Andreas felt that this was the most important story to tell about Copenhagen. He still can’t resist the call of a cycling adventure, which motivated him to pioneer long-distance biking travel on a bamboo bike along the Silk Road from Istanbul, Turkey to China in 2016. The hospitality that he encountered in the countries of the Silk Road is another source of inspiration for Loop Tours.

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