Treasure Hunt Family Tour

15 Fun Games

Safe Bike Trails

Chocolate Fondue

This is one of a kid family treasure hunt tour. The tour is specially designed for families with children between the ages of 5-12 years, but many of the games are also difficult to solve for adults, so don’t worry – on this tour no one will get bored.

On the tour there are many different games and challenges which have to be solved in teamwork by the whole family. Every game gives you an indication which you are going to need at the end to open the treasure. And even if you solve all games, you have to stay focused until the end, otherwise you won’t crack the code and get the delicious surprise.


Interactive games, logical thinking, basic maths and other skills are required to solve all the puzzles. As you work as a team, all the brain power is needed, from the youngest to the oldest

Beautiful bike trails, you cross the old town and will discover an area of Lucerne which only locals know

The kids will prepare their own chocolate fondue

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Trip Details

Trip Details


Children: (under 12 years) CHF 59
Adults: CHF 99

Departure time

2 PM (or upon request)

Meeting point

Caritas Velostation


Available daily


3.5 hours

Group size

Minimum: 1 persons

Maximum: 12 persons

*This tour is public.

Participation requirements

Available for everyone of all ages, abilities, and skills

The best age for the games: 5-12


  • E-cargo bikes
  • Local Guide
  • Chocolate Fondue


Not included

Helmets are not compulsory but can be rented

What to bring

Weather appropriate clothes


Experienced, multilingual guide

Overview of the Tour

On this tour everyone gets challenged. With the comfortable and safe electric cargo bikes you discover a hidden area full of nature, rivers, forests and pristine landscapes. While leaving the city center and passing through the old town of Lucerne, the hunt starts. You and your family have to solve many quizzes and games along the way to finally crack the code to get the treasure. The kids will get different tools to solve the games. They get a black board to take notes which will be needed for the treasure.

The puzzles and games don’t require any specific skill, with the support of the parents or if needed from the guide the children will figure out themselves what to do.

As soon as the kids crack the code to find out what ‘s hidden in the treasure, the game is not over!

Are you ready for a unique challenge for the entire family while discovering a beautiful part of Lucerne, and hopefully crack to code?

Lets go and find out.

Good to Know

  • The children won’t ride the electric cargo bikes themselves, only the parents do. The itinerary is designed to make safety the highest priority so the children can enjoy the ride and solve the games.
  • The games have different levels,( the best age is between 5-12 years). If the children are younger or older than the recommended age, they will definitely still have a lot of fun, as well as the parents will be part of the games.
  • The treasure will include chocolate, in case of any allergies please let us know in advance.

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