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Rent a Family Bike in Copenhagen

2 cargo bikes in front of farm paddock

When you come to Copenhagen you absolutely MUST try the world-famous cycling lanes.
In this article, we show you:

  • where you can rent the omnipresent family bikes (also called cargo bikes),
  • when the bike shops are open,
  • what kind of bikes there are, and
  • how much the price of a family bike rental is going to be.

Insider Note:

Christiania Bikes is one of the very few European bike brands that is still manufactured in Europe, on the Danish island of Bornholm. Born in Freetown Christiania, they have been conquering the streets of Copenhagen since 1984. While all the Danish cargo bike brands sell great bicycles, our heart beats a little extra for the Christiania bike, its history, and contribution towards a car-free urban society.

Check out their founder’s interview.

Driving a cargo bike is something really special and there is probably no better place to try this sensational mode of transport for the first time than in Copenhagen.

Do yourself a favor and become a cargo bike pilot while in the capital of cycling!

Loop Tours Cargo Bike Rentals

Where: Israels Plads, Rømersgade 3, City Center (next to Norreport station).
When: Monday to Sunday between 09:00 to 21:00, upon prior confirmation
What: Electric Christiania Bike Model Light (driver + 1 adult or 2 kids), Electric Model T (driver + 2 adults on bench)
Price: DKK 400/450 for 4 hours and DKK 500/600 for 24 hours.

As a cargo bike tour company, we depend on the best equipped electric cargo bikes in the city and offer those with a low price guarantee. If you have taken a tour with us, you get an additional discount of DKK 100. On the flip side, you should inquire for availability as we often need all our cargo bikes for tours and therefore don’t always have the desired family bikes available for rent.

We are convinced that you will have an amazing time in Copenhagen with your cargo bike – it will be the most memorable part of your journey – and so, we list several other options to hire a family bike in Copenhagen hereafter. We have no commercial relationship with any of the below bike companies.

CaféVé – CityCenter

Where: Nansensgade 90, near Nørreport Station in the city center.
When: Every day between 09:00 and 18:00
What: Amlad Electric Cargo Bike
Price: DKK 400 for 6 hours, DKK 600 for 24 hours.

Summary: Centrally located and easy to reach. One of the few bike shops offering electric cargo bikes for rent. The bike shop is also near Israels Square, where you can try a few rounds off the busy cycling lanes. They also have a tandem bike you can rent for the same price. – Vesterbro

Where: Ingerslevsgade 103, Vesterbro, next to Dybbelsbro train station
When: 10-18 daily, incl. weekend.
What: Christiania Bike Model Light, with and without electric assist.
Price: 6 hours for DKK 300, 24 hours for DKK 450. Extra for electric assist.

Summary: Baisikeli aims to offer really high value for the money and they are one of the cheapest and biggest bike rental companies in Copenhagen. They offer the lowest rates for weeklong family bike rentals (DKK 1300). Make sure to call in advance if you want a family bike with electric-assist as they plan to have only two such Christiania bikes. – Osterbro

Where: Oslo Plads 9 , 2300 Osterbro, right next to Osterport Station
When: 08:00 – 18:00 weekdays, 10:00 – 15:00 on Saturday, closed on Sunday
What: Christiania Bike Model Light – without electric assist
Price: 24 hours for DKK 350

Summary: According to our research, the cheapest family bike rentals in Copenhagen you can get from Beware that they are adding extra equipment at additional cost, for example, a rain cover for the bike is an extra DKK 150, a helmet is DKK 50. They also have a tandem bike for the same price.

Check out their Pricelist and Booking! – CityCenter

Where: Nyhavn 44, 1051 Copenhagen K
When: 09:30 – 18:00 daily – Sunday closed.
What: Christiania Bike Model Light, Triobike Mono, and Triobike Taxi.
Price: DKK 450/500 for 3 hours, DKK 600/650 for 24 hours.

Summary: Centrally located at Nyhavn, a good choice for a spontaneous ride on a sunny day. The Triobike Taxi is built to carry two adults, however, since the bike comes without an engine, you need a rather strong cargo bike pilot if you want to carry around two adults in the front. All bikes are great for kids, the Triobike Mono is especially well-suited for kids below 6, while the Christiania Bike deals well with kids of all ages. Comparing to other bike shops and given the bikes have no electric assist, prices here are a bit on the higher-end.

Click here to see their family bikes! – Norrebro

Where: Tangensvej 69, 2200 Norrebro
When: 10:00 – 18:00 on weekdays and 10:00 – 16:00 on the weekend
What: Christiania Bike Model Light without electric assist.
Price: 400 DKK for 24 hours.

Summary: Low price for a 24-hour rental, also offers discounts for weeklong rentals of their cargo bike. If you are ok with an older cargo bike model and manage to get to outer-Norrebro conveniently, this can be your choice.


All of the above-mentioned companies also offer regular bicycles for rent, for those, prices range between DKK 50 – 150 per day. If you are looking to rent a regular bicycle, you will get some valuable inputs from our article about How to rent the bike that’s best for you in Copenhagen.

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