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Discover the Copenhagen sites while cruising with the locals in safety and comfort. Loop Tours takes you on a cultural journey beyond the typical tourist attractions. Learn about what makes the Danish so happy on our Science of Happiness Tour(opens in a new tab). Bring the kids along for a ride on our Family E-Bike Tour(opens in a new tab) to enjoy some enthralling activities and games. Or create your own unique experience: we offer fully customizable and personalized itineraries on our Copenhagen Private Cargo Bike Experience(opens in a new tab). If you can’t get enough of our bikes, at the end of the tour there is the option to rent them for a half-day or full-day(opens in a new tab), and venture through the city on your own!

two women smiling at the camera from cargo bikes
parents and 2 daughters smiling on cargo bike
mother and daughter smiling from cargo bike
two cargo bikes in the city outskirts

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Andreas, moved to Copenhagen to explore the secret of happiness in Scandinavia and discovered a world of insight that he realized he could share with others. Combined with his love for cargo bikes, Loop Tours was formed – the world’s first cargo e-bike experience! Today, the Copenhagen team consists of a professional tv director, a pianist and a longstanding bar keeper who all share a passion for the city’s cycling culture and laidback way of life. <— check the video about Loop Tours.

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For these sunny spring days you have a few options.. If you don't own motorcycle or boat we are here for you 😜

Rent one of our electric Christiania cargo bikes and enjoy the spring together outside while still respecting government advice and physical distancing 😊
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Clearly, if you want to have a funday in Copenhagen, there is no way around the cargobike. It has been designed 100% only for this purpose of exploring a new city and taking pictures from the box! Ok, that's a lie... I guess it would have been called the picture-tour trike... well eitherway, the point is, and I think this picture shows it pretty well: You don't have to walk slowly like a duck through the pedestrian zone, because there are Christiania Bikes - since 35 years the frequently challenged, but never defeated champion of the Nordic cycling lanes. Keep rollin' rollin' gently down the road... 🚲🇩🇰
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